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Work Truck FAQs

Whether you drive a truck for a living yourself or rely on a fleet of trucks for your business, it is important to make sure that your trucks stay in top condition. That’s why it’s so invaluable to have a truck repair shop in San Jose that you can always count on for capable repairs and maintenance. Ross Truck & Equipment Repair is a full-service truck repair shop that offers quick and dependable service at a fair price. Our team of experienced diesel mechanics is committed to ensuring that your trucks can get back on the road as fast as possible.

Answering Your Questions About Work Truck Repairs and Maintenance

What causes most truck problems?

In many cases, work trucks experience mechanical problems because they are not being serviced frequently enough. Work trucks endure a lot of wear and tear—much more so than the average vehicle on the road—so it stands to reason that they need even more attention. Scheduling routine preventive maintenance can help to keep your truck in excellent shape.

What happens if my truck breaks down?

If your truck experiences a severe mechanical issue on the road, you shouldn’t panic. First, you should pull over to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so. Then, call a towing service so your truck can be transported to a repair shop. The diesel mechanics at the shop will diagnose the issue, repair it, and make sure that your truck is safe to drive before returning it to you.

What are the signs that my truck needs alignment?

If your truck has poor wheel alignment, it can easily lead to an accident. The warning signs of poor alignment include uneven wear on your tires, an off-center steering wheel, and a truck that pulls to one side or the other while driving. If you notice any of these signs, bring your truck to a repair shop as soon as you can.

Our San Jose Location

Ross Truck & Equipment Repair is a family owned and operated repair shop that has been serving the greater area of San Jose, California, for more than three decades. San Jose is the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, stretching across approximately 180 square miles and incorporating numerous communities and municipalities. If you need to have your work truck serviced, call our San Jose shop at (408) 292-1464 for a same-day appointment.

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